Have you recently been laid off?

Maybe you are looking to move into a new industry or you want to change careers completely. If this is you, continue reading!

It used to be common for companies going through restructuring or downsizing to provide career transition services (outplacement) to those impacted by lay-offs as part of their severance package.

So why are more and more companies opting NOT to include this service? Well, for one, it costs them money. But you gave them many years of hard work and late nights, right? So don’t they owe it to you for all the work you did for them?

We believe so but what is important to understand is that CMA Midwest has a portfolio of career transition programs that include personal 1:1 coaching to help you get back into the job market.


In the 21st century, management of successful career change depends on a proactive, strategic plan. Change is occurring in our lives at breakneck speed with no slowdown in sight. We can either harness the change or stand on the sidelines. To build a successful career, what worked 10 or even 5 years ago does not work today and certainly, will not work tomorrow. All bets are off. We must discard old assumptions, craft new strategies, and employ new tools. Simply stated, we must understand the dynamics of today’s job market. Based on the premise of understanding the job market, we can help you build a dynamic, strategic career plan.


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“The Program far exceeded my expectations! You helped me get organized, focused, and kept me from being very inefficient and getting lost in a process. Despite my unemployment circumstances, this was one of the best experiences I’ve had!”


-J. Williams, Senior Vice President