CMA Midwest is an owner of Career Partners International, the world’s largest and most successful global talent management consultancy. Since 1987, organizations of all sizes and industries have trusted Career Partners International for the very best outcomes to their most challenging and important talent strategies and initiatives. With the most experienced and respected consultants in 47 countries, Career Partners International provides clients with one-on-one access to local experts in talent development, career management, executive coaching, outplacement, and career transition services to successfully assess, engage, develop and transition talent to drive organizational performance.

About Career Partners International

Founded in 1987 by seven premier talent management firms in North America, Career Partners International has grown to be the world’s largest and most successful talent management consultancy.  Career Partners International has more than 270 offices in 47 countries around the world and offers direct access to more than 1800 experts in career management, talent development, leadership and executive coaching, career transition, and outplacement services. Our unique business model of local ownership with global resources allows us to customize and deliver innovative, flexible, and practical solutions aligned to your business to drive your organization’s performance.

What It Means To Be a CPI Partner Firm

Large or small, all of Career Partners International’s clients receive the very best!  We deliver solutions to pressing talent challenges while enhancing your brand, strengthening your culture, and protecting your integrity as an employer.  With a focus on personal attention and a single-minded philosophy to provide the highest quality solutions, our clients receive consistent, best-in-class services at every Career Partners International location around the world including CMA Midwest.

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Our Results: The Industry’s Best Value

82+ Best Net Promotor Score within the industry

20:1 The industry’s best Coach-to-Participant ratio

2.73 months The industry’s fastest average time to re-employment

80% The industry’s best % for landing at equal/greater compensation

96% The industry’s highest Very Satisfied rating

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Clients around the world benefit from local experts with global reach