CMA Midwest provides a comprehensive range of outplacement services to guide you through each step of the process. Working to formulate a plan with the client upfront is essential to a successful internal realignment in staffing.


Planning Support

  • Confirmation of program scope, services and roles
  • Logistical planning of locations and staff/consultant meetings
  • Communication strategies and deployment to affected employees, remaining employees and the public

Management Notification / Communication Training

  • Dynamics of the notification and separation process
  • Skillful preparation and administration of notification interviews with compassion and respect
  • Interactive workshops involving role-playing and scripting
  • Following a printed guide, customized to your messaging
  • Gracefully conducting meetings

Notification Facilitation & Onsite Assistance

  • Consultant meetings immediately following notifications. Impacted employees meet one-on-one with a consultant to learn about their generous benefits, work through their emotions, think through the message to family/friends/network and regain a sense of control.
  • Branded, comprehensive benefit/services overview packets for each affected employee
  • Proactive outreach to separated employees in the days following the notification to check in and offer support

Reporting & Tracking

  • Reports on transitioning people throughout the program ensure they receive superior service while keeping you informed
  • Real-time access to our mobile-friendly Momentum tracking system to view participant status and progress through established milestones. Produce status reports by geography, department or other criteria.

Workforce Reengagement

  • Assists leaders in understanding change and transition as well as its impact on organizations and individuals.
  • Emphasizes leaders to take a proactive, positive approach in working with team members
  • Remaining team members get refocused on the future and returning to productivity
  • Allows participants to develop positive, specific tactics to effectively manage transition, regain a sense of confidence and control for themselves and their team

“Much to my delight, there was incredible support offered by each member of the CMA Midwest staff. I successfully landed a wonderful job with a successful and growing company in under three months!”


-V. Geiman, Plant Manager