Dedicated Support

Momentum is user-friendly, offering a vast unlimited amount of knowledge, tools, and resources to guide you throughout your program. Email delivery of instructional and resource materials is provided by your dedicated and friendly Career Transition Client Support Team, being responsive to your needs and questions throughout your entire program.

CMA Midwest, A Career Partners International firm’s elite Executive Coaching 24/7 Virtual Databank portal , Momentum™, for Outplacement and Career Transition can help your Job Search become easier, more targeted, and more successful – it’s proven. Our clients are more likely to get better, higher paying jobs than if they would have been searching on their own. Learn more about our tailored Outplacement programs for client companies and Career Transition options for individuals needing Professional Job Search Support.


Momentum™ is different from other Internet-based career sites… it simply offers more. In content, tools, and consulting you’ll find more resources that are more relevant – and that adds up to greater value and better results for your employees!

So what makes Momentum™ special? All that you will discover is based on two decades of experience in the career coaching business and expertise from the world’s largest career management partnership, Career Partners International. Our proprietary career portal, Momentum™ includes the latest and best career tools and resources, supplemented by professional career coaches who know how to help your former employees during their transition. Offering much more than standard tips and techniques, you will gain access to immediately useful guidance that can help you conduct an efficient and effective job search. Services included in this package… Our career transition portal is designed to provide you in-depth resources to conduct your job search. It follows a simple ten-step process that will help you rebound from a temporary setback, land a new position, and build resilience in your career.

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