CMA Midwest provides a comprehensive range of Group-Based Services should traditional individual outplacement not be an option. With career transition workshops, career center, mobile friendly technology and other resources, CMA strives to make every experience valuable for each participant.


Fast-Start Career Transition Workshops

  • Comprehensive, interactive one or two-day sessions
  • Dedicated to a single organizational group of up to 12 people
  • Shared experiences foster greater participation and engagement
  • Builds confidence and momentum


Dedicated Career Center

  • Accommodates flexible participant schedules
  • Staffed by certified coaches
  • Ongoing networking meetings help identify target companies, job leads and influential contacts
  • Participants acquire job search skills with comprehensive, how-to learning modules


Mobile-Friendly Technology Platform

  • Supports participant progression through the milestones
  • Available anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Intuitive process flow
  • Research databases
  • Live enrichment webinars
  • Career assessments and exercises
  • Resume builder
  • Executive Recruiter Database


Administrative Resources

  • Available at Partner locations
  • Scheduled use of fully-equipped private offices
  • Videoconferencing for interviews


Career Fair

  • Coordination of affected and interested employers
  • Designed around employee needs
  • Staffed by recruiters and hiring managers
  • Training provided to affected employees
  • Numerous interviews conducted, establishing strong contacts

“The Program far exceeded my expectations! You helped me get organized, focused, and kept me from being very inefficient and getting lost in a process…The seminars and guest speakers were priceless–they engaged us with dialog and real-life experiences. Despite my unemployment circumstances, this was one of the best experiences I’ve had! Thank you for your assistance.”


-Carol K. Senior Vice President HR