CMA Midwest provides one-to-one coaching that will quickly assess the participants strengths, interests and goals. Our certified career coaches assist with building a transition plan, putting a marketing strategy in place and addressing any concerns as they arise. Backed with an online portal, CMA Midwest has had a 100% success rate on landing participants at equal or better compensation then their previous role.

Orientation and Assessments

  • Creating public exit statements
  • Assessing skills, values and interests
  • Establishing career goals

Marketing Tools

  • Generating a highly competitive resume, CV and biography
  • Building social media profiles
  • Optimizing your resume with tools such as Jobscan
  • Writing cover letters and 30-second value summaries
  • Identifying and qualifying references

Marketing Plan

  • Developing a strategic search approach
  • Creating search action plans

Research And Networking

  • Mining and developing contacts
  • Leveraging connections, networks and recruiters
  • Job Posting tools

Preparation And Interviewing

  • Learning various interviewing formats and the best techniques
  • Recording practice interviews and receiving valuable feedback


  • Clarifying all aspects of the offer
  • Evaluating offers and negotiation

Entrepreneurial Option

  • Coaching and support on entrepreneurial fit
  • Techniques for buying or starting a business
  • Evaluating the business concept
  • Market research
  • Developing a business plan and marketing materials
  • Initiating a go-to-market plan

Retirement Transition Option

  • Comprehensive planning and assessment
  • Identifying retirement passions and aspirations
  • Defining retirement goals

Mobile-friendly Technology Platform

  • Supports participant progression through each milestone to success
  • Available anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Intuitive process flow
  • Includes research databases, live enrichment webinars
  • Complete career assessments and exercises
  • Assists in building a participant’s best resume
  • Executive Recruiter Database

24/7 Virtual Delivery Option

  • Comprehensive career transition program
  • Research tools and job lead access
  • 24/7 on-line access
  • Career Coaching available
  • Access to over 20 career transition live and recorded webinars

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“What stands out with the relationship with CMA Midwest is the fact that they really take a personal interest in the folks that we send to them…we know they’re going to be well taken care of. We know that they will be guided through their journey to secure another job. It is really beneficial to us to have that kind of touch.”


-Marilyn, Executive Director, Human Resources