New Horizons – Retirement

Retirement” no longer means that a person stops working; rather, it is considered a period of transition where an individual re-focuses and re-balances his or her lifestyle to align with personal circumstances. New Horizons – Mapping your Life Options®, a special program for the mature workforce, helps employees prepare for this transition by assessing their retirement readiness and then strategically planning for a future aligned with their changing lifestyle to bring renewed fulfillment. In working with coaches certified in New Horizons – Mapping your Life Options®, participants create a self-portrait of personal needs that guides them toward becoming fully invested in a new and rewarding lifestyle of their own design.

When the subject of “retirement” comes up, many people take a view that is narrow and short-sighted when compared to the options available. Only by exploring all these options — in the context of personal circumstances, dreams, and needs — can one begin to develop a retirement plan that brings the fulfillment we aspire to achieve.

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