Are you wanting career help but don’t have the budget to hire a career coach?

We understand that investing in your career can be expensive. You see this time and time again with people making the decision to go back to school in order to add valuable job skills in order to advance their career.

But how do you manage your career when you have lost your job or when you find yourself between jobs? Many have trusted CMA Midwest to help them on a 1:1 basis n order to land their dream job. Unfortunately for others, investing in career coaching can get a bit expensive and it’s not within their budget. The great news is that we have a robust digital platform to help you with your needs. If you answer “YES” to any of these below then continue reading on how we can help!


* Do you need help formatting your resume?

* Could you use some interview practice?

* Do you need help formatting your LinkedIn page to match your profession?

PowerMyJobSearch + PowerMyResume + PowerMyInterview

Digital access to three career tools.

Job Search includes:

  • Analyzes your resume for targeted job opportunities
  • Optimizes keywords for search engine visibility

Resume includes:

  • Generates competitive resumes and CVs
  • Interactive online portfolios
  • Tracks resume performance

Interview includes:

  • Practice individual, panel and virtual interview formats
  • Improve performance with recorded practice

PowerMyCareer Online Solutions

PowerMyCareer Online Solutions is designed to help you create a personal brand, identify and attract new job opportunities, and land in your next role no matter where you are.

This digital solution includes:

  • Virtual interviewing allowing practice, record, and review capability
  • Resume creation allowing unlimited resumes builds
  • Job scan technology to match your resume to job description
  • LinkedIn profile scan against job title
  • Access to 170M contacts through D&B

LinkedIn JobScan

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