Companies are facing hard decisions that most often impact the workforce. In today’s economy, layoffs are a complicated yet frequent occurrence due to mergers and acquisitions, downsizing and re-alignment. It’s never been a more important time for employers to consider outplacement for displaced employees.

If you are an employer, careful planning and flawless implementation are required to prevent erosion of the business, as well as the organizations standing in the community.

For displaced employees, high levels of unemployment leave many feeling that they have few options for alternative employment or that their careers have been derailed.

Uncertainty levels can rise significantly, and productivity levels may decline considerably for those remaining employees.

The bottom line: these situations can leave many individuals, whether leaving or staying, with a sense of frustration, fear and anxiety.

Outplacement Career Transition Services for displaced participants being laid off from their employer.


    • Participant-centered from start to finish
    • Global coverage provided through the best local market leaders
    • Personalized programs aligned with your needs
    • Highly-responsive, dedicated local account managers
    • Certified career coaches with the industry’s best coach-to-participant ratio
    • Comprehensive, mobile-friendly participant tools, accessible anytime/anywhere/any device
    • The industry’s fastest program to re-employment
    • The industry’s best services for receiving job offers at equal/greater compensation
    • The industry’s highest satisfaction rating


  • Maintain employee productivity
  • Cultivate employee engagement
  • Preserve employee morale
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Boost employee retention
  • Increase profitability
  • Enhance recruiting results
  • Ensure minimal litigation
  • Positive media coverage
  • Positive social media posts
  • High participant satisfaction

CMA Midwest – Best in Class within the Industry

20:1—The industry’s best Participant-to-Coach ratio

2.73 months—The industry’s fastest average time to re-employment

80%—The industry’s best % for landing at equal/greater compensation

97%—The industry’s highest “Very Satisfied” rating

100%—Satisfaction Guarantee

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“The Program far exceeded my expectations! You helped me get organized, focused, and kept me from being very inefficient and getting lost in a process. Despite my unemployment circumstances, this was one of the best experiences I’ve had!”


-J. Williams, Senior Vice President