CMA Midwest is proud to partner with premier local and national industry organizations to provide our clients with top-tier solutions and services.



Our premier partnership with Top Echelon connects us with over 500 vetted Partner Search Firms and over 1,300 recruiters across the US. With over 7.6 million candidate resumes in our database, we are poised to deliver results in a variety of industries and functions with recruiters that have industry-specific experience.


CMA Midwest is a Consultant Partner Firm with Ngenio USA. The MPO assessment solutions are our primary assessment tool to attract, engage, and develop talent. The MPO is scientifically proven to have construct validity. Construct validity is achieved by experimental demonstration that an assessment is measuring the construct it claims to be measuring.

With highly effective data and information collection methods, MPO reports help steer your human resources decisions in the right direction. We offer the best tools and consultants. Every single one of us has “been there, done that… ” We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve


.Prevail partnership and affiliation

By partnering with Prevail, CMA is giving those affected by job loss with information and resources in order to help them be better prepared with their finances during their job search. Understanding how much time you have during your search is important, but taking care of your 401k, pension, life insurance and supplemental health insurance during your transition is equally important. Prevail brings the expertise that our program was missing and we hope that this resource is valuable to our clients. Prevail brings an innovative approach to wealth creation by challenging the financial industry status quo. Visit them directly at