Dedicated Support

Momentum is user-friendly, offering a vast unlimited amount of knowledge, tools, and resources to guide you throughout your program. Email delivery of instructional and resource materials is provided by your dedicated and friendly Career Transition Client Support Team, being responsive to your needs and questions throughout your entire program.

CMA Midwest, A Career Partners International firm, is Kansas City’s elite Executive Coaching 24/7 Virtual Databank portal, Momentum™, for Outplacement and Career Transition can help your Job Search become easier, more targeted, and more successful – it’s proven. Our clients are more likely to get better, higher-paying jobs than if they would have been searching on their own. Learn more about our tailored Outplacement programs for client companies and  Career Transition options for individuals needing Professional Job Search Support.


Momentum™ is different from other Internet-based career sites… it simply offers more. In content, tools, and consulting you’ll find more resources that are more relevant – and that adds up to greater value and better results for your employees!

So what makes Momentum™ special? All that you will discover is based on two decades of experience in the career coaching business and expertise from the world’s largest career management partnership, Career Partners International.  Our proprietary career portal, Momentum™  includes the latest and best career tools and resources, supplemented by professional career coaches who know how to help your former employees during their transition. Offering much more than standard tips and techniques, you will gain access to immediately useful guidance that can help you conduct an efficient and effective job search. Services included in this package… Our career transition portal is designed to provide you in-depth resources to conduct your job search. It follows a simple ten-step process that will help you rebound from a temporary setback, land a new position, and build resilience in your career.

The High-Tech, Virtual Job Search Program

PowerMyCareer™, a Career Partners International – Kansas City proprietary virtual career transition zone, is your online gateway to success! From job leads to video tips, PowerMyCareer™ brings you interactive content and tools that enhance your effectiveness in achieving your career objective.

With PowerMyCareer™ you can:

  • Receive job leads customized to your personal search
  • Build an accomplishment-focused resume that catches employers’ attention
  • Explore and research employment and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • View winning tips and video clips to outperform your competition
  • Create personal and social media marketing plans
  • Develop and communicate with peer networks and career experts
  • Stay abreast of the latest news and trends in the marketplace
  • Learn more about yourself and define your personal career objective

Personalize It

Each individual’s career transition is a unique journey. Your destination, and the tools and resources needed to reach it, may be quite different from the destination of others. That’s why PowerMyCareer™ hosts tons of interactive content and resources in a variety of formats including tutorials, exercises, video clips, and live and on-demand webinars to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of every individual. Using a variety of widgets, content is interchangeable and can be added to your personal home page at every step of your journey, bringing a richer, more personalized experience to successfully arrive at your career destination. Widgets include:

Personalized Task List – Focus on your career transition objective with personalized to-do lists and milestones to stay on track

PowerMyJobSearch™ – Resume analysis that generates targeted job postings and interviews

PowerMyInterview™– Access to exclusive, interactive interview technology

PowerMyResume™ – Develop highly competitive resumes and online portfolios to leverage yourself on social networks

Job Search Tracker – With this interactive tool, track your progress and quickly link to valuable resources to achieve your career goal

Custom Databanks, Inc™ – recruiter database that directly leads you to over 13,000 executive recruiters, venture capital firms and private equity firms across North America

MintGlobal – A powerful job search engine that allows you to search by keyword and location from thousands of job boards,  company sites, and employment ads simultaneously

JibberJobber – Manage your search efficiently using this powerful CRM-type tool that allows you to track and manage professional relationships, resumes, interviews and other information collected during the search process

Video Clips and On-Demand Webinars – Spend a few minutes gleaning quick, important tips or one hour in a full-training session, learning critical information from our career experts who can help you achieve success

Company Research – Identify companies and recruiters best suited to support your industry and specialty from this database of thousands of companies and recruiters

Social Media Connections – Easily access your favorite and most helpful social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter

News Feeds – Stay abreast of breaking news about targeted companies

Job Feeds – Receive live, up-to-the-minute updates on targeted job postings, customized to fit your personal job search

Mobilize It

Mobilize It As a virtual system, there are no complicated apps or operating system issues to address. PowerMyCareer™ is easily accessible anywhere, anytime and by any web-enabled phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Entrepreneur Momentum™

The Entrepreneur Momentum™ portal helps individuals who might want to start their own businesses navigate the landscape of entrepreneurship. With a broad array of tools and resources, this innovative portal first assists users in determining whether entrepreneurship is an appropriate career path.

Using Momentum™, individuals can identify which type of business best fits with their goals. They can then create comprehensive business plans that include go-to-market strategies.

Through access to private databases and third-party resources containing information on venture capital and private-equity firms, users can identify appropriate financing options.

Contact CMA Midwest to learn more about our Entrepreneurship options.

New Horizons – Retirement

Retirement” no longer means that a person stops working; rather, it is considered a period of transition where an individual re-focuses and re-balances his or her lifestyle to align with personal circumstances. New Horizons – Mapping your Life Options®, a special program for the mature workforce, helps employees prepare for this transition by assessing their retirement readiness and then strategically planning for a future aligned with their changing lifestyle to bring renewed fulfillment. In working with coaches certified in New Horizons – Mapping your Life Options®, participants create a self-portrait of personal needs that guides them toward becoming fully invested in a new and rewarding lifestyle of their own design.

When the subject of “retirement” comes up, many people take a view that is narrow and short-sighted when compared to the options available. Only by exploring all these options — in the context of personal circumstances, dreams, and needs — can one begin to develop a retirement plan that brings the fulfillment we aspire to achieve.

Contact CMA Midwest to learn more about our Retirement Solutions.