As a preferred provider of recruiting solutions, we partner with leading companies seeking candidates and source top tier talent to fit their culture and position requirements. This approach enables us to find the talent needed to give our clients a competitive edge.

So, what’s the difference between filling a position and finding top tier talent? The former carries a high turnover risk. The latter contributes to profitability and accomplishment of business objectives.

At CMA Midwest, we can take the hassle out of the recruitment process.


Our Specialties

  • Human Resource – Generalist, VP, CHPO, CHRO
  • Sales & Marketing – Account Executive, Director, VP

General Specialties

  • C-Level Executives, CEO, (Chief Executive Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), CCO (Chief Compliance Officer), CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer), CSO (Chief Security Officer), CDO (Chief Data Officer), and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Manufacturing – Plant Manager, Supply Chain, Process Engineer, Safety Manager, Logistic
  • Banking & Insurance – Private Banker, Lenders, VP
  • Attorney and Legal – Associate level to Managing Partner
Professional search. Recruiting solutions. Talent Management. Retained Search. Contingent Search.

6-Step Success Process

Identification: In-depth analysis of position specifications, careful gathering of requirements with a value focus, and results-oriented experience which effectively sells company attributes so that the most successful candidate is retained.

Research: Strategic planning for the most effective means for sourcing target candidates. Extensive integration of industry resources, virtual communities, magazines, and proven cold calling approaches.

Recruiting: Supported by an extensive database of candidates and companies, potential candidates are actively sought from direct competitors and parallel industries located locally, regionally, or nationally.

Assessment: The most important step in the process. Combining behavioral and targeted interviewing techniques, clients are ensured that the candidates presented possess all necessary, as well as many desired, skill sets that will prove their value as exceptional performers within the company.

Interviewing: Complete and honest feedback coupled with tailored advice during the entire interview process, thus ensuring a smooth and seamless hiring transition.

Acceptance: Consultation and negotiation of all elements surrounding an employment offer. Hands-on involvement to ensure that the candidate identified gets hired and stays hired.


If the candidate placed voluntarily terminates their employment or is terminated for cause within the first 180 days of employment the following replacement program will be followed:

# of days Candidate Employed: What we will do:

  • 1 to 30 days 60 days to find a replacement if no replacement is found 75% of the fee is credited to a new search
  • 31 to 90 days 60 days to find a replacement if no replacement is found 50% of the fee is credited to a new search
  • 91 to 180 days 60 days to find a replacement if no replacement is found 25% of the fee is credited to a new search